The fashion market is huge and growing gradually with more and more clothing lines pitching up every year, the problem is irrelevance.


60% of the collections from brands are just trend-driven and lack substance, which makes street wear become underrated in fashion, therefore, ClusterFvcks aims to walk it through the desert with enough substance to create water for all in this irrelevance era.


Cluster Fvcks main goal is to supply sufficient substance with every single range we put out, from neutral colours blended with relevant graphics to light weight wear for your seasonal change street wear trends. Cluster Fvcks paints the canvas of the body with colourful mind state visuals through apparel.




We exist to supply sufficient substance and relevance to the art of fashion.


Vision and Objectives


As our generation adapts to the mistakes of the past generation, negative vibrations such as poverty, mental slavery and racism grow taller each day. How do we make a difference? By using our bodies as a canvas & fashion apparel as the art to paint typography and visuals of positive vibrations all around.


The objective is to trigger societies’ mind-set to the real and relevant state, but most importantly, to supply sufficient substance.